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24/ NB•MA/ straight edge/ vegetarian/


What an odd person I am

smilingp0litely said: Love me👭

Emotionally or love you with my body

Drawing of a coworker and I

Drawing of a coworker and I

thesexsexmoresex said: Finding a couple into domination might be a little harder but definitely not impossible. From those statue posts I'd have to guess you'd want to be the dom?

I like to disect girls.
Did you know I’m utterly insane?

thesexsexmoresex said: Well I'll be rooting for you as that is very unfortunate. If you'd HIGHLY enjoy it being a woman does that mean you'd slightly enjoy a girl and a guy? Just because you may have a chance there. I know couples that go out looking for girls to bring home

I have dabbled in the past, but at this moment I am more interested in one-on-one encounters, unless it was an excellent couple. At the moment I am interested in domination, so a two-on-one domination threesome would be interesting. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a male and female couple.

thesexsexmoresex said: Well you're absolutely gorgeous so whomever is helping you rediscover is a lucky lady.

Thank you very much. Although it’s not as easy to find girls who like girls as you might think, which is very unfortunate. Because there are lots of beautiful girls in this area, but seemingly none who are interested in women as well. Although I am pansexual, I would HIGHLY enjoy my next sexual encounter being with a woman.

thesexsexmoresex said: You've reblogged some amazing lesbian gifs and pics. Is this something you've been into for a long time or are you recently discovering?

As long as I’ve been cognizant of sexuality itself and aware of attraction in general, I have been attracted to women and men alike. I actually identify myself as pansexual, but most people aren’t aware of the definition, so usually I just say “bisexual.” But I am newly single, so I guess you could say I’m “re-discovering.”

Anonymous said: Use me as you must. Tease me, hit me, break me. If I, as a statue, crumble then I am not worthy of you.

"I must break you"



Anonymous said: I would stand there bound, and still, until my knees weaken and my sweat starts to make the paint run. Whatever you ask.

I’ll take my riding crop and correct your posture when you begin to slouch
And see how worthy of a statue you can be
See how long you can pretend not to feel
Sit on a Judas Cradle for me
It’ll be like The Notebook except I just test your pain tolerance and never kiss you

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